Skills Training



Broadly speaking, we operate within the arena of face-to-face skills. Whether it be customer-facing skills (e.g. negotiation) or internal business skills (e.g. meetings), we can help. The days of standard off-the-shelf programmes are gone so we nearly always customise our programmes to better meet the business need. We are particularly strong in a number of areas:

  • Negotiating skills. We run buyer/seller negotiation workshops. These extend from personal negotiation, through buyer/seller to major export contract negotiations. Normally a negotiation workshop will run over two days. However, they can last from as little as 2 hours to three days depending on the need. All such workshops are very practical with negotiation exercises throughout.
  • Presentation skills. This is normally a two-day workshop and is highly experiential and targeted on finding ways to win. The workshop will take attendees from formal presentations through much more interactive presentations where they have to think on their feet. There are a number of different variants including technical presentations and customer presentations. A big emphasis is on confidence and projecting your personal brand

We also have a lot of experience in the following:

  • Meeting skills and group dynamics. Meetings can be a huge waste of time. This workshop understands why this is and what to do about it. It explores the ‘task’ and the ‘process’ elements of meetings and  provides a useful primer to understanding group dynamics. It is very experiential. One day is usually sufficient for tackling this topic.
  • Facilitation skills and the practical implementation of change. This is usually targeted at specific individuals with the aim of helping them facilitate internal change within the company. It is highly experiential with technical inputs. Two days is an absolute minimum for this.
  • Mentor training and support. We provide a half- or one-day workshop for would-be mentors. This is typically followed up some months later with a half-day refresher workshop.
  • Interpersonal skills. This includes influencing, assertiveness and all types of interviewing. A range of one- or two-day programmes, with an emphasis on one-to-one face-to-face skills. The influencing variant can be linked into negotiation skills.
  • Performance appraisal systems and interviews. This is a one or two day programme and involves a full understanding of the company appraisal scheme, its aims, its inputs and outputs, etc. It also operates as a first-time management programme.
  • Productive Thinking and Learning Technology. We expect people to learn but don’t give them the skills to do so. This one or two day programme is particularly useful at the start of a longer development programme or where delegates are involved in professional development or occupational programmes e.g. Open University, IPD, etc. There are a number of variants of this including a problem solving and process improvement option with links to the six-sigma DMAIC methodology.
  • Time management and goal setting. This one-day programme gets people to think hard about what they are trying to achieve (goals) and how they going about it (time management). Variants link to productive thinking and personal career counselling and development.
  • Management through People, Leadership and Team Dynamics. A range of short one- two or three day programmes based around managing people, both individually and in groups. Experiential outdoor development can be incorporated to make this more powerful especially where there is a need for team development.
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