Whether you have a multi-fuel stove, wood burning stove or a traditional open fire, it is highly recommended it be swept at least every 6 to 12 months. This will reduce the risk of a house fire and potentially dangerous carbon monoxide fumes due to the build up of soot.


Upon arrival I will need room to bring in essential equipment to conduct the sweep. You may wish to remove ornaments and delicate items from the hearth and mantelpiece area. I use heavy duty dust sheets to cover the area around the chimney to prevent soot escaping. The average clean takes just 50 minutes to complete.


Once sweeping is complete I will conduct a smoke draw test. This ensures your fireplace is working correctly and smoke is ventilating up the chimney. I’ll also give bespoke advice or recommendations I may have to further insure your chimney stays in tip-top condition.


I will endeavour to leave your home as I found it.


Cost £50 per chimney.


*Discounts available for multiple chimneys or flues in one property or for group bookings.

Nest removal

The most common cause of blocked chimneys is the construction of a birds nest in the flue. If not removed, nests can absorb moisture and create damp patches on the chimney, as well as bad smells.


Once a nest has been built in a flue, birds will habitually return year after year. Prevention of nesting should be carried out after removal.


Nests are removed by sweeping them out from the bottom, not the top of the flue. Removal of nests can only be carried out after fledglings have departed.


Cost – £30 to £70 depending on circumstances.

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